Levette Lake | squamish

“You’re going to need a 4×4 to get up there”, Bones piped up. “It’s all good, just call me when you arrive, I’ll come down and get you with my truck.”

Levette Lake - hike

Meanwhile… bones was here, doing this.

Levette Lake - floating

I mean, let’s be real. Who’s on their phones (aside from taking some epic Instagram photos) when you’re at a place like levette lake? So we did what any reasonable twenty something would do – strapped all necessary things to our bags, beer in hand, and started hitchhiking up the rugged road.

The first truck that we saw rip around the corner belonged to Lydia, a Squamish local, friendly as ever, she gave us a ride up the mountain in exchange for good conversation and a Shock Top. Not knowing what to expect, we were blown away when we arrived. We hiked down a quick path into the large lake front site my buds had already nicely arranged.

And then this.

Levette lake - morning


The lake was pristine and peaceful, except for the hippy drum circle that played for 24 hours next to us, who Bones not so gently urged to keep quiet.

There’s a massive rock in the middle of the lake that allows you to stand or sit with only a few inches of water underneath, and hang out drinking cold brews all day. Or, if you feel like jumping off a fallen tree branch into the warm water, why not? There’s that too on the right side of the lake, about five feet from the water.

Falling asleep nestled between a fire and the stillness of a lake, lying on a blanket listening to muffled conversation and bob dylan as I nodded off, was the perfect end to my Saturday.

I’ll be back levette lake, don’t you know it.


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