music festivals in british columbia, 2014 | rappers on a rock that swooned me

“There’s a good rock to catch the view from. Not sure if you can hear much, but we should check it out.” Rob said with his thick Tassie accent, fairly determined on soaking in some of Pembie fest from any vantage point.

Of course you know my answer to this on – “Let’s get a move on.”

We grabbed our pal Stefan, some beers, and a variety of snacks (I chose tortilla chips and seven layer dip obviously), and we cruised over to Pembie. Walking along the train tracks behind the grounds, you could feel the festival vibes beaming past the fenceline and straight into my soul.

Pemberton 1

You see, I’ve never been a music festival. Fairly unbelievable, I know. Aside from bands at pubs and a few concerts here and there, I’m mostly a big crowd concert newbie. Hard to conceive for someone who claims to love music.

Well there, let me tell you how that changed for me.

Up on that rock munching on tortilla chips listening to rappers, something struck a chord in me and I wanted to be in on the magic. When that something hits my soul, there’s no turning back, and I won’t stop until I’ve experienced what I’m longing to feel. That first night led to a second night of listening, on a different rock…

Pemberton 4

…that led to a third day of full blown festivaling, and dancing my face off at modest mouse.

(How we managed to get in will remain unmentioned.)

Pemberton 3

But it was awesome.

Pemberton 2

That entire experience opened my eyes to something…

Sometimes I may not know I like something and want to be in on it, until I find out I do.

Wow, super revolutionary… (duh)

But when something clicks, it just clicks, and you may not know until your standing in front of Outkast in an open field in the mountains with thousands of other people. You may not know until that very moment that that experience is important to you.

I continued on my summer with the music fest itch, landing a ticket to Squamish, and having an unreal time. Whether you’re in what feels like a refugee camp, or dancing with flowers in your hair, the festival experience is a freedom of expression: a celebration of people, music and their art. That’s what I latched onto that first night at Pemberton.

People. Music. Art.

I’m hooked.

Squamish Valley Music Festival




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