Vancouver, BC | an ode to summer sunshine


Stef yells as we barrel through the streets of Gastown and the downtown Eastside. We’re dressed like hooligans in neon spandex with glow sticks tied to the spokes of our bikes. For an instant, I wonder “what the heck am I doing?!” …Before I’m overcome with the maddening desire to yell at the top of my lungs – “BIKE RAVE!”


Let’s talk Vancouver. Better yet, let’s talk Vancouver summer. I can clearly say that this summer has been one of the best of my life, and everything I have done has been an ode to summer sunshine. This city is full of summertime bliss, from outdoor adventures to festivals and street parties, not a moment has left me hanging in limbo wondering what I should do. Take an evening bike ride around the seawall, and it may catch you off guard – a group of 30+ drummers in rhythmic beauty surrounded by uninhibited dancers, flame throwers, and casual spectators. Why not spend your Tuesday night cheering gratitude to the sun while it sets behind the sea? (By the way, they actually cheer when the sun goes down.)

Vancouver - third beach drum circle

Or perhaps you’d like to spent your evening sunset in a more private, intimate setting. Like on a boat with pals, in Deep Cove. It was a single text from a new friend that led me here – “This might sound random, and I know we just met, but I think you’d be an epic addition to a boat party I’m going on. Wanna join?”

Ummm, yes.

Vancouver - boats

Make friends. Make lots of them. Say yes. Get to know new things. Be okay with being unfamiliar. Have an open mind.

Go for a SUP.

Spanish Banks, Granville Island, Kits Beach, English Bay. Hop on a SUP or rent a Kayak. See the beach from a fresh perspective. I promise, it’s worth it.

Vancouver - Sup

Street festivals and parties, concerts and local events, and of course – thousand person yoga classes in Stanley Park (SeaWheeze – shameless plug). Being around like-minded people and doing awesome things isn’t a rare finding in Vancity. People are up to cool stuff, and it’s just on you to go out and get up to it too.

SeaWheeze - Sunset Festival

Oh, the beaches. So many to choose from, and just to name a few –

You’ve got Kits beach

Vancouver - kits beach

and Wreck Beach

Vancouver - Wreck Beach

there’s third beach

Third beach drum circle

and Secret Beach…. tide in. tide out. (+way more beaches)

Vancouver - secret beach 2Vancouver - secret beach

If you’re crazy about sunsets, these are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. I’m often scouring the beaches (with a bottle of wine), watching the colours of the evening sky dance their way into artistic formation before vanishing into the dark.

Sometimes if you’re lucky, you’ll make a friend who has an epic view from their balcony for an up-top perspective.

Vancouver - gas town

Cheers Vancouver,

This summer has been one for the books. You’ve definitely left me hanging on wanting more of you.




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