friending | people find you

….”Can I be your friend?!”


It happened just like that – like the good old days. A single question posed just the same as first grade, changed the whole summer for me. We were sitting around a large table in the basement of a Mexican restaurant for a friend’s birthday, Stef put her utensils on the table, adjusted her napkin in her lap and asked the question.

Boy am I glad I said yes to that little ball of Russian energy.

em and stef

See, adventures are so much better when had with like-minded people. Those people that make your heart sing, and if you’re lucky, they actually make you sing too.

Side-note, the best part of road trips are singing songs at the top of your lungs. It could be a quick trip up to Whistler, or a lengthy ride down the coast, but good tunes and strong vocal chords are mandatory.

friends 11

I’m a firm believer that people find you.

The people that are supposed to, find you. And you find them too. You find each other because you’re living your life the way you want. You’re jumping off cliffs, camping in tents, attending festivals, and doing things that bring you life. In that, life also brings you people.

friends 10

The law of attraction: you attract what you are.

friends 3

(we’re actually quite happy there, it was more for the drama of the concept, which I’m sure you caught.)

Liz and I bond over our insane decision to run around Kitsilano on our lunch breaks. Also, we bond over speaking at the speed of light, and being able to juggle numerous conversations we’re having with ourselves in our minds. Gosh, I love Liz. Our social media madness and love of stretchy pants had us working on the same team at lululemon this year, and I had no clue she would become so important to me.

People find you.

friends 17

One weekend in February I said yes.

To singing in front of 100 people and teaching yoga to strangers, even though it scared the crap out of me. I said yes, and ventured to Red Mountain Resort inland B.C. Next thing you know, I’m on a plane to L.A hanging out with an Aussie and a Brit, exploring southern California.

People find you.

Whether your adventuring the streets to pick up sushi (#donnyandme classic)

friends 14

or exploring an exotic coastline –

 friends 5

– people find you.

When you’re doing what you love in life, the best people will be part of all your moments. Surrounded by like-minded people I’m challenged to go deeper, laugh more, be sillier, and live authentically.

Stef and I were on the same page, at the right time. She put her meal down, looked me in the eye, laying it all out there like a kid, and asked to be my friend. We tend to make things complicated as adults (I know I have…) but it doesn’t need to be. That beautiful principle of being able to have everything you want from life starts right here.

Do what you want to do with your life, and the people meant to do it too will be right there with you.

Cannon Beach - Cannon2

Adventure – and people will find you.




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