hiking to the lions, british columbia

“This view is one hundred percent insane.”

We were speechless, completely in awe of where the trail had led us.

I’ve driven by the lions peaks dozens of times and it wasn’t until the edge of fall that I found myself meandering up the evolving terrain with two other beauties.


The trail twisted and turned in so many ways. It started off with a wide dirt road and I found myself questioning if this was even the right trail. I was second guessing our every turn, not sure if we were following the right path as we found ourselves puddle jumping through a river.


As the rocky stream turned into a valley that crossed a slippery metal bridge, we kept our eyes on the markers, making a game of losing our bearings. “Oh, there it is!” I piped up as we climbed through the dirt, grasping for tree branches.


This trail was unlike anything I had ever hiked. It kept me on my toes.

I thought about how I’ve tried to plan everything in my life. How I’ve had ideas in my head about what milestones would look like and how I related that to success.

See, I’ve discovered that there’s a difference between setting a goal and putting immense pressure on yourself to obtain a certain outcome.


The best journeys I’ve been on, like the lions, have kept me guessing. Taking all of the steps I need to launch forward, but overcome with mystery for what the next corner might bring. I’m open to a view that could totally shift my perspective.


I’ve heard some people equate success to preparedness meets opportunity. While I definitely think that’s true, I believe openness and curiosity play a leading role.

I always believed I was prepared enough and I was waiting for opportunities to come so I could be successful in my plan. It wasn’t until I discovered how to truly be curious that I saw a new kind of possibility for what success could be. Success for me is creating a future of constant wonder and revelation as life’s magic unfolds.


It doesn’t have to always be sorted with every move planned, because life is messy. There is inspiration that comes in the unexpected, and as you find yourself intrigued life mysteriously guides you in the direction you need to go.


Climbing up rocks, looking for markers, laughing at our wet feet, we knew the view from the top would be worth all of the challenges along the way.

It was.


And just when you think you’ve seen it all, maximized your view from the summit, there’s always another. Another path that will lead you up a rugged hill to a new level of understanding who you are and where you’re going.


You can’t ever discover it all. That child-like intrigue to explore will fuel your engine and keep you moving towards what you need to find in life.

The plan is good, the unexpected is better, and having a goal paired with curiosity to explore possibility is the best case scenario.


I’m learning the art of wonder, the skill of openness, and to trust that I will find what I need to in order to create the life I desire.

And my, it’s an adventure.


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  1. Great panoramas! I feel like there’s a story behind them 🙂

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