overnight camping at Whislter’s Cheakamus Lake (remember your tent poles!)

We had had a big night out with friends.

I swore to myself that I wouldn’t be that person that let a hangover hold me back. (Although, truthfully it has and it sucks big time when I let it.)

So I begged Rob to come with me for an overnight camp at Cheakamus Lake, just a short stop down the road from Whistler.


It’s a fairly easy stroll in (great for a hangover), with an ample amount of photo ops along the way.  Mind you, in my state I probably shouldn’t have been walking across a log above rocks and trees, but to ease your mind – I didn’t make it far before slowly turning around…


There’s a ton of camp spots at Cheakamus and along the lakeside in varying locations. With limited light, we set up right at the close end of the lake and of course put a few beers in the river to cool. (Glacier waters, oh my!)


When you first see the lake, you’re struck with awe. You haven’t really walked very far, but you’ve earned a stunning mountain view over a crystal blue lake, and peaceful solitude that only wilderness can bring.

Now, the actual climax to this story is the fact that half way down the trail I thought to myself, “wow, the tent feels really light…”

And upon arriving at our camp spot realizing we indeed had no tent poles. All is an adventure though, right? When there’s nothing you can do, do what you can, so we tied our tent as best we could to a fallen tree and snuggled close.

If you’re exploring Whistler, Cheakamus is a must.

And hey, remember your tent poles.



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