soaking at the riverside: Keyhole Hot Springs in Pemberton, British Columbia

Okay – round two.

You may or may not have read about Stefa (not to be confused with Steph) and my mission out to the Keyhole Hotsprings last winter, which ended in failure after making it 36 of 42kms down the incredibly snowy road.

So, we swore to ourselves that we would come back in summer. And we did.


The drive through the Pemberton meadows is unparalleled. My favourite part by far are the honor system fruit stands. We have them where I’m from in small town Ontario, but after living in cities for so many years, there’s nothing really honorable in a downtown core.


You make your way down the prettiest forest service road that you ever did see, (okay- they’re all pretty pretty…) for approximately 42km until you begin your hike in.

We like to stop for snacks and photo ops along the way of course.


We were alerted that there was a massive fallen tree in the trail that diverted you off the path. This was not a problem – we got to walk under and through a little waterfall, perfectly refreshing for a hot summer day.

When you arrive at the Hotsprings, it’s clear someone has put great effort into making this place special. Hand crafted stone work in the side of the hill, next to a glacier river, it’s the absolute perfect set up for an afternoon hang.

Eat a sandwich and slip into your suit, walk carefully to the third pool (the first two are verrrry hot), and refresh yourself with a quick jump in the glacier water.

We’re pretty fond of bringing a few cold beers along to accompany, but to each their own. (Just make sure to clean up your garbage!)

Upon arrival, the feeling of success swept across Stefa and I. Our faces were beaming, and although not difficult to get to in the summer, we had memories of our winter excursion flooding over, and remembering the challenge was half the fun in making it this time.




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  1. 1world2feet says:

    Looks like an awesome place!

  2. WOW, those hot springs look incredible!

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