Wedgemount Lake, British Columbia: A staircase to alpine heaven

I have these days where I battle between wanting to be alone, and wanting to be around people.

Maybe that’s a reason why having a partner or deep friendships is so great. Company without expectation of always voicing thoughts or discussing the weather or the news.


Sometimes I like to just be. It’s liberating.

That being said, the first half of this hike I had a phone date with my mom. She was my somewhere in between people and solitude.

If you like stairs, this hike is for you. I’m finally learning that when a Whistler hike is labelled as challenging, it really is challenging. It’s not like google maps.


When I finally got there, I was in awe. Of course, just like everyone says. So I built myself a chair, made some soup on the camp stove, and drank a beer. Obviously.


Peaceful and serene, there were few around. I read a book and stared at the lake, until I was far too frozen to turn another page.


When I remove myself out of the world – people, things, work, I feel the peace of stillness flood over me. Taking those moments of solitude are grounding, especially in such an incredible place.

The lake looked like it was swallowing the fog, and I don’t think the sky fully cleared once, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Wedgemount Lake, you beauty you. Next time I’m going to count my steps though, just for fun.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Kate says:

    Amazing photos. Your posts are giving me a serious need to visit Canada!

  2. Mara MacDonell says:

    Absolutely stunning! Keep having great adventures;)

    1. emventurer says:

      Thanks, Mara! back atcha.

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