cliff jumping in North Vancouver’s Lynn Canyon

If you’ve been to Vancouver in the summer (or any season for that matter) and haven’t been to Lynn Valley Canyon, you’ve missed some kind of boat.

Situated nowhere near the downtown core, yet somehow totally accessible to the general public, lies this oasis of blue swimming pools and cliff jumps. We have on our bucket list to move from jumping underneath the suspension bridge all the way down the canyon until we can’t jump any longer. (It’s been done, I promise.)

So – we haven’t done that yet, but what we have done was a pretty grand introductory and left us wanting to do more.

Just before the suspension bridge (down below of course) is a natural rock water slide, with a bunch of cliffs surrounding for jumping.

We were hung over (again) but for good reason; the boy’s best pal from Tasmania was in town for a concert the night before, so of course things got a little crazy. But I was determined to cure it with the refreshing blue waters of Lynn Canyon.

We weren’t quite sure where to find these epic cliffs to jump or slide, but they actually weren’t far from the major tourist attraction – the suspension bridge. In fact, you’re sliding and jumping into a pool directly below the bridge, so, you’re the tourist attraction for the tourists.

Without flinching, I popped into the natural rock slide and went plummeting 7 meters into a pool of resfreshingly cold water. Meanwhile, Rob was above me, jumping a good 50 feet into the water after. I came up from the water thinking that quite possibly my right boob had fallen off. Rob came up from his jump with a bloody nose and a bruised tailbone.

But we both had huge smiles on our face.

Even after all of that – the challenge continues. You’re in a canyon, so… you have to get out. Scaling the rock walls, hauling our hungover, wounded bodies up using ropes to help us, there was an odd sense of accomplishment.

I love proving myself wrong. Hungover Emily said why are you doing this, and emventurer said why would you NOT.

And now, next year has a new bucket list – to do the whole canyon.


lynn 1

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