road tripping 101: There’s no shame in sleeping in your car

Here’s the thing – when there’s nothing you can do, you do what you can.

And maybe there was something we could do; spend money on hotels in Whistler, find places to crash, try and seek out a room to rent for the summer… but it all just felt like unnecessary work when we had a perfectly good Pathfinder to sleep in on most summer nights.

Now, I wasn’t a complete homeless person, I did have an apartment in North Vancouver that I slept in approximately once per week (if that) during the summer months.

If you’re one of those people like me – not particularly concerned with where I lay my head, or how often I get a proper shower, then I definitely recommend spending a season in a vehicle.

Home is truly where the heart is, and as my summer progressed, I felt more and more that my heart was in Whistler, with Rob, in his pathfinder.

Have no shame, sleep in a car.

Here’s some tips:

  • Get a two inch foam mattress from Walmart and cut it to the shape of the back of your SUV/Truck.
  • Use old pillows and bedding, or sleeping bags work too – extra blankets for cold nights
  • If your concerned with privacy, get dollar store hooks that stick onto surfaces and cut an old sheet to the size of your windows and hang nightly (consignment stores work great too for old stuff.)
  • We used headlamps, but there’s all kinds of neat hanging lights you can attach to your roof, or sticky wall lamps with batteries.
  • To save car battery, we used a Bluetooth speaker if we wanted any tunes
  • Morning coffee and breakfast by the river? Yes, please! Mini camp stoves that literally fit in your pocket work great, with a pot, some mugs, empty loose leaf tea bags, and coffee grounds. Oats and fruits to fill the tummy are a go-to. Mmmm, good!

When you’re willing to go beyond “ordinary living arrangements” you’ll be surprised at the awesome things you’ll encounter.

Now go live in a car!



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