hiking the High Note Trail on Whistler mountain in British Columbia

Stretch says: “walking is for peasants.”

Stretch is Rob (because he’s so tall), and he also prefers to rip down the mountain at the speed of light on his bike – so I totally get where he comes from on that. Walking feels slow to him, but sometimes, I like to slow down.

There’s something so neat about allowing your legs to take you somewhere – a place that you couldn’t get to by four wheels or even two…

So one day in the summer Rob and I ventured up the Whistler Gondola – so a good part of the hard work was actually done for us… and we explored the trails on top of Whistler mountain.

As a giant FYI, they go on for ages. You can hike out to Russet Lake, for an epic overnight experience, or you can take some of the smaller trails that have you dancing around the alpine with gorgeous views below. (For example, Cheakamus Lake.)


Along that trail was actually when we had the conversation that Rob and I would move in together and start a little life. It was more of a “why not, let’s give it a go” type of chat. See Stretch, good things come from “peasant walks” 🙂


From the trails on top of Whistler mountain, the views are endless. With the daylight of summer, you can extend your hikes into the later hours of the evening, something that feels like such a luxury as I sit here in Winter writing this post.

Summer in Whistler was what I fell in love with. Frolicking around on mountain tops with endless skylines. Adrenaline activities are everywhere, but also the serenity of silence is around each corner.

Being on top of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains is an experience you must have, at least once in your lifetime.



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