tackling fear: Change and taking risks

So, I think you get the point. I like spending time in the big trees on the big mountains.

After finding myself spending more time sleeping in a Pathfinder in Whistler this summer than my own awesome apartment in North Vancouver, I found myself dabbling in an interest to make it a more permanent situation.

The trick was that I had spent two years at the lululemon head office in the social media department, and the thought of leaving that experience behind without having another challenging opportunity to take its place was just too much to let that dream become a reality.

Until it was.


A girlfriend of mine who I had previously worked with at lululemon, but was on the brink of starting her own social media consulting business in Whistler (and who is also a LEGEND of a human…) reached out to me with an opportunity.

Social Media Coordinator for Tourism Whistler.

I’m sorry – is that a JOKE?! It seemed just a little bit too good to be true.

But over the course of one week during Crankworx (aka the best of the summer in Whistler…) I applied for the role, interviewed twice, was hired and signed the offer letter.

Now – leaving your comfort zone is HARD. No doubt about it. lululemon was cushy for me, it held my hand as I made big, bold decisions to find myself in years prior when leaving my marriage (yes, that happened.) And it hosted most of my friendships from my 2+ years in Vancouver.

Leaving was not easy. But it felt right.

Sometimes, you need discomfort to make you feel alive again, and even though you’re scared, you know everything will be alright.

In fact – it will be MORE than alright….




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