making the road trip journey to Fernie, British Columbia

I happen to be part of this brigade of babes that also date mountain bikers. They are beautiful (as already stated by their “babe” status), and I enjoy my time hanging out with them greatly.

So, we all decided upon hearing that our boyfriends would be racing at the BC cup in Fernie as a completion of their 8 days boys bike trip, that us babes would pack up a car and drive out to meet them for the weekend and cheer them on.

Now, I am always up for an adventure, and sometimes, that gets the best of me. We had three days off, and Fernie is 12 hour drive from Vancouver.

You do the math… we might as well have planned to drive to Calgary.

BUT – that being said, it was a pretty awesome weekend, unlike any I’ve ever really experienced in B.C.


It was during all of the forest fires so the smoke was thick everywhere in the interior. As we drove across and explored our awesome land, I felt a sort of protectiveness over it. I wanted so badly to do something to make the fires stop burning, the trees are our vitality, a piece of who we are in British Columbia.


Once we (finally) arrived, us ladies had some exploration of our own while the boys practiced for their races. We ventured off to some local hikes and then cheered our men on as they raced. Race day was an INSANE storm in Fernie, of rain and wind. Some of the tents flew up and away, nearly injuring bystanders. It was nuts.

Robert came SECOND in the “punter” category, and I was as proud as ever. The smoke, rain, hang outs and group camp made the endless driving almost seem worth it. 😉

On the way home, Rob and I stopped in Revelstoke to camp for the night where we woke up to a POOL of water in our tent at 5am. A wake up call to say the least… it was enough to have us up and on our way.

We’re not shy of adventure, or rain. But more on that later.




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