A weekend off the grid in La Push, Washington

There was an overwhelming silence when we crossed over the bridge at deception pass on the Thursday before Labour Day Weekend.

It was quiet and still, as if to honour my last moments with lululemon, remaining grateful for all i had learned, but marking the start of a fresh, ginormous new experience that I couldn’t quite possibly grasp just yet.


Nearly a year before I had been to deception pass, all by myself, and stood at the same bridge, honouring the silence. Now, a year later I couldn’t have possibly expected what those 12 months had brought. Isn’t that funny? We plan, and plan, and plan. But nothing really ever goes as we expect.


Rob was a gem through it all. He was going to move to the city with me and find a “real job,” but when this opportunity to grow and take on all of the social media for Tourism Whistler came up, he was quick to support, ensuring that he would find a job in Whistler that he loved. (Even if he was making pennies.)


To be honest, and a little cheesy, I think that’s what I love the most about him. I think and think, and he just is. He lets life be, knowing that it will all work out, or we will work through the kinks. His laid back nature has taught me many lessons as I’ve gotten to know him.


La Push is a no cell phone zone. Through and through. Legitimately, there is no service anywhere. I was off the grid the entire weekend.

Oh, how nice it was to be in silence. To stare out at the ocean and sip wine, cooking chilli and watching my handsome Tasmanian come in from a surf.


We camped at Second Beach, which is a short 1.5km hike down from the parking lot, but it’s enough to not want to forget anything in the car…

If you live in the PNW and haven’t ventured down the coastline of upper washington, you are missing something truly spectacular.

Though, Second Beach does get quite busy on the weekends, you will likely always be able to find a spot on this beach to set up camp. Just remember – sand isn’t your friend.

The last time I was at this beach, five years earlier, I found out later in the day that my mom had stage four hodgkins lymphoma (blood cancer.)

It was a truly incredible experience to travel back to that beach, my mom still alive now, and make new, beautiful, peaceful memories on the shoreline.



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