making my home in whistler, british columbia

So, job accepted, Vancouver apartment forfeited, and winter approaching, we had no Whistler home.

Luckily, our stellar pal Steph happened to have a room in her little White Gold two bedroom open for the month of October and we jumped on the opportunity to not sleep in the Pathfinder.

(Plus, would Tourism Whistler really be that welcoming if I smelled like I had been sleeping in a Pathfinder?)


Temporarily not homeless, we were set for the next four weeks. Finding a home at the start of Winter in Whistler… that’s not tricky, no, not at all. After all, it is paradise, so everything works out, right?


The short answer is yes – everything does work out. I promise. I used to be a worry wart, all the time. I could think of every circumstance that would potentially happen to me you and your cousin and therefor establish a solution to solve a problem that didn’t even exist yet.

Oh my, that was exhausting.


After two short weeks of working at Tourism Whistler, we had a possible lead on a bachelor studio underneath a friend’s suite, but still hadn’t heard from the landlords to confirm.

Trying not to worry, I couldn’t help but let it creep up a little.

But we had friends here, no one would let us go homeless. Even if no home worked out, we still had Cathy the Pathy, right?


But then, just as it always does, a light came through. A co-worker who had a one bedroom suite in Alpine for a reasonable price was looking for a renter.

After seeing the massive deck, fire pit, and mountain views through the trees, I knew that those renters would be us.

Do you know when you just look at a car or a home, and know – that’s mine.

That’s exactly how it felt.


Sure enough, not quite a month later, it was moving day. Our very own home in the forest in Alpine, Whistler.


This is home. Right here, among the trees and white snow covered peaks that pop through the pine.




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