what it’s like to work for Tourism Whistler: #joblove

I really wasn’t sure what to expect.

Sure, an interview and job description can tell you so much, but you really don’t know until you’re in it, in the every day what your role will truly look like it.

After a few months in I can safely say that I have a dream job.

I am so lucky.


Sure, it’s challenging, and there’s heaps of things I’m learning and developing as I grow every day, but I happen to work for incredible, patient people who teach me and are committed to my growth, because they believe in my skills.

Now, that is truly something special.


The first few weeks were overwhelming; learning new systems, procedures and speaking as the voice for a new brand. I was able to jump right in, doing something I love, with coaching and guidance from my superiors. Week three on the job brought one of the neatest experiences I have had in employment to date. I was to be part of a sunrise to sunset photoshoot with the Instagrammer @MattGlastonbury.

We caught a truck to the Roundhouse on Whistler Mountain at Sunrise and from there ventured on to capture an epic Whistler image on the hour every hour for social sharing until sunset.

Not the worst intro to my new role.

Here’s some of the incredible images captured from the day…





(Matt’s image – above)


The next day I got to spend taking Matt around my beautiful, new home, capturing stunning content to share across our social channels.

Some of Matt’s images from the tour:




Sure – there’s reporting, and strategies, and  meetings. But all of the numbers and planning contribute to the other side of the job – telling the world how awesome Whistler is through images and words. And how technology has changed and continues to change, is fascinating. You can reach people beyond your current network through demographic and interest targeting on most social channels. So I get to introduce people that may not be connected to us to the epicness that is Whistler.


I fell in love with this place, and now I get to help promote it on social media… how lucky am I?



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