Cirque Lake, British Columbia: paddle-in access only

Those months between the heat of Summer and the snow of Winter are precious, and they’re actually my favourite.

Bundling up in warmer layers, the air cooling you down after a good sweat – and the changing colours of Fall in Canada are an extraordinary sight themselves.

In search of an afternoon adventure, I stumbled upon a description of Cirque lake. The hike itself is short – but the accessibility is what makes it special. Getting to Callaghan lake can be a bit rough, so it’s best to have a 4×4 to tackle the dirt road in. Once you’re there though, get your paddles and canoe out because you have to make your way across the lake to access the trail head that climbs vertically beside a roaring waterfall and through a boulder field for a sweaty 2km hike in.


Once you make your way to the top of the waterfall, you can feel the alpine air, and as you dance around a short trail taking you to the lake, you climb in and around a few more boulders.

When I saw that lake, I laughed out loud. Can a place even BE this beautiful?? Every new adventure I try, I’m amazed at something. And while Cirque Lake was actually only an afternoon affair for us, there were two spots for a tent as you approached the lake, and you can bet we’ll be back to stay as soon as the snow and ice melt away.



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  1. Thanks for sharing Emily, that spot looks AMAZING! – Crystal

  2. Great post! We’ll definitely be giving this one a go when the summer months come around! 🙂 R&E

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