A solo hike to magnificent Joffre Lakes, British Columbia

It doesn’t feel like that long ago that I ventured for the first time to Joffre lakes last winter, but yet it seems to be my go-to spot for either a solo trail run/hike or a group adventure hang.


Joffre Lakes are one of those places that’s jaw-droppingly beautiful. Yet again, another place that I can’t believe actually exists.


In Summer or Winter you can hike in, camp overnight or just spend the day basking in the beauty surrounding you. In Winter, the lakes freeze over, and it’s an especially incredible experience to hike up with your skates and play a game of shinny on the ice. (Oh, how Canadian!)


Every day-hike, big or small, I bring some kind of nourishment (not just beer…) but some noodles, tea, or something to cook on our little mini stove. (And by the way, Stanley products are BOSS.)

At Joffre, you’ll never truly be alone as the Whiskey Jacks always find their way to you and your food. They’re also not shy, so don’t be afraid of them because they’re not afraid to invade your personal space – landing on your hand, shoulder or… head!


The first lake, just a few minutes into the hike is a stunning introduction to the Provincial Park. Once you finally reach the second lake (after what feels like a big of a slog,) you are only just a few hundred meters away from the final lake, the finale of the whole experience.

When you go, bring a hammock, or a tent, and stay a while. You will not be disappointed.





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  1. t.e.d.d.y. says:

    I love Joffre Lakes! One of my favourite spots. You took great pictures. 🙂

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