an intro to cabin ski touring: Duffey Lake Road, British Columbia

I have a knack for thinking I’ll love something before I even try it.

Whether it’s word of mouth through a friend who’s tried it, or I’ve seen someone online or on tv do it – I usually have made the decision I’m going to go all in before I’ve given it a go.

So when we went ice skating with some friends and an aquaintence mentioned she’d be willing to sell me her ski touring gear at an insanely reasonable price (essentially, giving it me…) I jumped on board.

Even though I’d never ski toured in my life.

Or skied very much for that matter.

But, if it meant I could get to places covered in snow that I couldn’t walk to and I got to SKI down, I was in.

So I picked up the gear, learned how to use it and we were off to a neat little spot. (To remain unnamed to keep it’s sacredness.)


Though this trip was short in distance, I don’t actually have touring boots and therefor my feet slid around a fair bit causing huge blisters on my already interesting looking feet. However, I didn’t mind when my view was mountains, trees and fluffy business.


We managed to navigate our way into the trees, as per directions from a friend, and though we weren’t quite sure we were in the right spot…


…We made it to the pretty incredible hidden cabin in the trees. A spot that puts you under it’s magestic spell, we were already talking about the next time we could go there and have an overnight adventure.


It was a pretty tame intro into the wide, wide world of ski touring, in fact according to Rob it was basically a cross country ski, but it was enough to have me on board. At least for the time being. Until the next cool thing comes up, then I’ll likely hop on that train too…

Sincerley, the banwagon hopper,




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