backyard bliss: Skywalk trail in Whistler

I have never understood the saying “take a hike.”

That’s meant to be mean, right?

I have only ever found the most epic, awe-inspiring moments while I’ve “taken a hike.” And maybe a few blisters and sore getaway sticks…

Anyhow, we moved to the top of Alpine – a neighbourhood in Whistler, and of course Rob was excited because the Flank Trail (a popular bike route) is literally right behind our place.

I had heard that if you continue on, it leads to a beautiful spot in the alpine, approximately 7km in. So, of course I asked him to come along on my little backyard wilderness adventure.

Although, he is one of those people who say “take a hike,” in a less friendly way… 🙂


The trail changes from being a flat, fairly mellow incline, to a routed, rocky, steeper single track through the trees.

As you switchback, passing a river you do start to wonder when you might see the treeline and the glorious peaks of the alpine.

Just as you’ve given up, wondering if you’ll ever see it, the alpine unexpectedly shows up. And it’s got all the stops.


Because it had already snowed quite heavily, and we were ill-prepared, we couldn’t complete the entire trail. (It heads up and around the entire mountain in a loop – hence the name “Skywalk Trail”).


But you better believe as soon as the snow melts I’ll continue the journey of discovering my back yard. (And I’ll be dragging the tall Tassie along!)



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