Finding the ice cave at Blackcomb Glacier in Whistler, British Columbia

After four weeks of MCL recovery, by Christmas I was ready to get back on the mountains and ski.


The humilty I had learned through injury reminded me to pace myself, and only do what I could comfortably. So naturally, straight away I went to the very top of Blackcomb to find the ice cave in the glacier that was currently trending on Instagram.

Our instructions to find it intially seemed as though we had to search high, so we cruised down the bowl on the far right side, searching for something hidden, off the beaten path.

And since this is actually the latest tourist attraction on the mountain, by skiing fresh tracks in the corner of the bowl, we missed it.

So my incredibly outdoorsy inspiring friend @miraecampbell and I, along with a few pals went back a few weeks later, took the marked run down and sure enough there it was – right off the cat track… couldn’t miss it.


It was worth every ounce of it’s Instagram trendiness.


And since being on the trending ice cavin’ train, we decided we needed a group photo of course. If you can manage to find it and not get lost like a complete mountain newbie (ahem), it’s definitely worthwhile.

Since it’s raging trend, that T-bar up is seeing some serious action (and serious bails.)




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