living in Whistler: activities for weekend warriors

You’ve got to love living in a place where you can roll out of bed, stumble your way to the front door and drive a quick few minutes to the base of a world class mountain.

Lucky for me, this is how I get to start most of my weekends in winter.


The great thing about having a seasons pass, is that you can head up for a few quick laps in the morning before continuing on for the day. Your average day could consist of several types of activities, and on this particular weekend, I had quite a few changes of scenery.


The ambitious Aussie boys wanted to have a hockey game, and since we’ve had a bout of warmer weather in the valley, the main option for outdoor rinks is Olympic Plaza. So naturally on this casual Friday afternoon we played on the kids rinks, with the mini goals, the small sticks, and sticky plastic pucks. Probably pretty appropriate for the skill level anyhow…


Saturday morning rolls around and calls for strolls around Callaghan and Cheakamus, and while not physically demanding, it’s just super fun to  be out hanging around the trees sometimes.


It’s nice to remind yourself that WOW – this is a quick 20 minutes down the road from me. When I’m feeling bored, or low-spirited, all I need to do is pop outside and walk around – there is SO much beauty and adventure around every corner here.


Some food and afternoon lounging later and we find ourselves watching the World Bobsled Cup at the Whistler Sliding Centre. An easy $10 entry fee and with a flask of fireball, we cheer on bobsledders from around the world and with great excitement we cheer loudly – CANADA FOR THE WIN!


Sunday morning rolls around and we’re set for another little walk in the woods. Not even 10 minutes down the road from our place is the Rainbow Lake Trail. A 16km round trip to the lake, you can venture out as far or as close as you want – there’s beautiful points all along the trail. We pack up with some cake, tea, and our mini stove to have a little lunch and tea time in the wilderness, of course stopping along the way to inhale the views.

Weekending in Whistler – active adventure meets perfect relaxation.




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