Canada’s most northern winery: Fort Berens in Lillooet, British Columbia

It was a dismal weekend forecast. A 95% chance of a LOT of rain.

When you work during the week, and you have a list of epic places you want to go and weekend activities that require their fair share of sunshine, a less-than-ideal forecast can put a severe damper on one’s outlook.

Not me. (Well okay, once I’ve decided there’s something else I can do…)


And when that something else has something to do with wine, I think I’m winning.

I tasted some Fort Berens wine at Cornucopia in Whistler last Fall, and I was in love with it’s smoothness. Now, I know very little about wine. I know that I like to spend around $10 a bottle, and I know that I usually like a Cab Sav, and I know that I like to often have 2-3 glasses.

But – I’m refining my cheap taste. And hopefully one day, my budget will match that too. Until then, on rainy days I’ll pretend that I’m fancy, and I’ll treat myself to expensive bottles of wine.


It’s two hours from Whistler to the Fort Berens Estate Winery in Lillooet, and both are absolutely stunning – including the drive there. In the Pacific North West, we have this eerie, romantic fog that hugs the mountains on rainy days and provides a stunning landscape. It’s almost more beautiful in the rain.


The winery sits in the quiet town, but bustles even on a rainy day. It was so busy that we had to sit outside (under a covering), but it was absolutely worth it. Everything from the tasting, to the lunch service and the taste of both the food & wine – was off the charts.

On most days I like to wear plaid and Converse and pay minimal amounts for basically anything I can pay minimal amounts for, and then some days, I like to be fancy. That’s what’s wonderful about being a grown up – you can do both.

Cheers, Fort Berens. You’re a gem.




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