ATV exploring and horseback riding with Whistler’s Canadian Wilderness Adventures

tour 2

Okay, so I always share about my emventure experiences of finding hidden spots, or camping in the back of our SUV down some back road, but the truth is – there are a LOT of amazing tourist opportunities right here in Whistler for people coming to visit our home for a short period of time.

People can take different adventure tours, guided by experienced locals, getting an insider adrenaline experience on the mountain.

tour 1

Canadian Wilderness Adventures took my friends and I on not one, but TWO of their amazing tours recently. The first was an ATV tour to Crystal Hut on Blackcomb mountain; a place we often sit and eat delicious waffles on a blue bird day when we’re skiing. What a neat experience to be there as the sun was setting in Summer.

tour 3

That fresh alpine air is something I don’t just enjoy now – I crave it.

tour 4

Getting elevated and driving my own ATV all the way up there – past bears and through mud and dirt gave me such a rush.

tour 5

The second adventure was horseback riding through the trails of the Callaghan Valley. I never fancied myself a horse person, but let me tell you – that experience changed me. The moment I started petting the horse I was going to be riding, Totem, I felt a deep connection to the majestic creature.

It was in-explainable. Perhaps it was because I had never really spent much time around horses, but all of the sudden, in one moment I was filled with love and respect for these beautiful horses and their history of helping humans move around rugged terrain.

So, in conclusion – even if you’re a local, it’s fun once in a while to be a tourist. And if you’re a tourist, you should definitely treat yourself to some wilderness tour experiences.

You absolutely, 100% will not regret it.

The latest horse lady,


tour 6



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