cliff jumping in Lions Bay, in British Columbia’s Sea-to-Sky corridor

The common thought this Summer – “is it really July? I could have sworn it’s January.”

We had an epic winter – amazing snow and weather, and now we’re mid-July wondering if we’re going to see any of those sparkly summer days we all fell in love in Whistler.

But until we do, we’re making the most of every summer-like moment we have.

summer 2

One of my most favourite places is Lion’s Bay. Driving along the sea-to-sky, you probably wouldn’t really think twice about it, unless you know. And now – you do.

summer 3

There’s this spot, where you can jump off a variety of cliffs into the salty ocean, and the sun sets behind the mountains. You can sit on the rocks and enjoy the sunshine until 9:30pm on a Summer night. Because it’s kind of a secret, but definitely google-able, I’m not going to say exactly where it is on my blog, but if you really want to find it – you can.

Until you do, I’ll be squeezing the most out of the few long summer-like moments we’re seeing on the west coast.

Sending you a big pineapple cheers,


summer 4


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