the blues, greens and microbialites of Marble Canyon in British Columbia

marble canyon 1
Outside Lillooet, B.C.

We were at Birkenhead Lake on one of the (hard-to-come-by) summer days we’ve had, and a man and his son pulled up to the dock with an interesting sail boat. It caught our eye and so we started chatting. After sharing about spots we loved in B.C, I asked him what his favourite place was, and he told me “Marble Canyon, without a doubt.”

So I said, “I must go.”

marble canyon 2

2 hours and 45 minutes past Whistler, on the side of the 99 highway, you may or may not notice it – the crystal clear blue/green waters that resemble what looks like a fresh water coral reef.

marble canyon 3.2

Surrounded by a limestone canyon, there’s blue/green lakes that have microbialites, which survived that last ice age, making the waters depths a hot spot for researchers from far and wide.

We spent hours and hours on the lakes fishing and enjoying the incredible surroundings that I no clue existed this close to me.

marble canyon 3

Isn’t that funny? Sometimes our favourite places are just around the corner, waiting for us to discover them.

marble canyon 4

Relaxing in the hammock, drinking tea, watching the crazy fish not just jump, but perform, brings me so much serenity.

marble canyon 5

The main lake known for it’s coral-like look is Pavilion Lake. There’s no camping along here, but there’s a few spots to park and launch your boat or take a quick dip.

A perfect picnic spot, if I do say so myself.

This place is now on the list – British Columbia’s best.


marble canyon 6


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