Making the most of the world famous Whistler Bike Park

bike 1

I have fallen in love.

With a person. With a place. With a hobby.

First, the person. He caught my eye, captured my heart and swept me away. He brought me to a place (Whistler) where I reclaimed my passion for wilderness, outdoors and exploration. This is the place where I discovered how much I loved the adrenaline of the mountains, and riding down them at high speeds. Alas, my new and most favourite hobby… the Whistler Bike Park.

bike 2

I’m not that great, yet. But I’m coming along – and I love it. So you really can’t beat that.

When I was three, I got stitches for the first time. My brother and sister put a brick on the road and told me to ride my bike over it. Fearlessly 3, I accepted the challenge and blazed towards the obstacle, which knocked me off my tricycle – and off to the doctors I went.

I never thought much of biking after that, until I lived in Whistler and discovered that my second cousin, Brett Rheeder, was kind of a big deal. I knew he had won the X Games, and call me naive to action sports but I had no clue that it was a huge deal. In a place like Whistler winning something like that gives you serious fame and cred.

So – here I am, thinking that maybe I have some of that in my blood somewhere.

Until I make my Slopestyle debut you can find me somewhere on the technical blue trails of the Whistler bike park improving my technique and beaming ear to ear.

Also, I’d like to note: this applies to chairlifts only, pedaling is a whole other world that I  haven’t fully embraced yet. (And probably won’t.)


bike 3


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