the best lakes and rivers to explore in Whistler, British Columbia

Lost Lake, Whistler

Sure, Whistler is known for it’s iconic ski hill and winter vibes, but let me tell you – summer is where it is AT.

There’s a short shoulder season between Winter and summer that runs through April and May – and it’s really neat because there’s still skiing available in the alpine, but the lakes and rivers are heating up. Some of the finest (and warmest) sunshine days happen in this little “shoulder period.”

Rive of Golden Dreams, Whistler

There’s not just one main lake, but FIVE lakes to enjoy right in Whistler, and that doesn’t include all of the hidden gems OR the River of Golden Dreams, that connects Alta & Green lake.

My oh my, aren’t we lucky?

Cheakamus Lake, Whistler

And then there’s Cheakamus Lake – which you can hike or bike into (3-7km each way, depending on how far you go), and its glistening green waters will calm your soul and refresh your body. (She’s a glacier fed dream.)

Rainbow Park, Alta Lake, Whistler

Even on chilly days you can BBQ at one of the many lake side parks, or fish off the docks. The wind on the lake brings a special kind of soothing feeling to my soul. It reminds me of when I was a kid, and my dad used to take us on canoe adventures – we would paddle through rough waters for hours along the deep blue waters.

Alexander Falls, Callaghan Valley

If the lakes right in Whistler aren’t quite enough, you can find unexpected ginormous waterfalls where water flows off cliffs into the river below with grace and magnificence.

Mosquito Lake, Pemberton B.C

A quick jaunt from Whistler is Pemberton – which opens up a whole new door for finding lakes and rivers. If you have a 4×4, your options are literally endless, there is always something new to explore and discover.

water 1
Blackwater Lake, Near Birken B.C.
Secret spot 😉

Like this little gem above – I will never give you the exact location to it… I had to find it myself, so you do too. 🙂

water 2
Birkenhead Lake, B.C
Sea-To-Sky Trail, Whistler to Squamish

And for those willing to head off the beaten path, you can take the Sea To Sky trail from Whistler to Squamish by foot or bike. It leads you along rivers and lakes to spots that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach by car.

water 3
Medeley Lake, Callaghan Valley

Sometimes, unexpected things happen – like having to slide your canoe through snow in order to get it into the water (even in mid-June…)

Mountain life always surprises me, yet somehow remains consistent in its delivery of goods.

I’ve already uncovered so many majestic places, and yet – I’ve barely scratched the service.

Splashing around,


water 4
Medeley Lake, Callaghan Valley


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