A summer adventure list for Whistler, British Columbia

With the sun setting on warmer weather and as the snow starts to fall in the mountains, here’s a few short and sweet little missions in the Whistler area that we enjoyed this summer for your bucket list next year!

Skywalk trail – en route to Iceberg Lake (Rainbow Mountain)
At Iceberg Lake, Skywalk Trail
Looking up on Rainbow Mountain on Skywalk Trail
Cirque Lake. (PS… BRRR) Paddle across Callaghan Lake and hike the steep 2km trail to Cirque.
A day trip exploring the trails on Whistler Mountain. Take the Gondola to the top and choose your own adventure!
Matthews Traverse, Whistler Mountain
Whistler Mountain
Walk out and enjoy an afternoon at the Spit on Green Lake. Take the valley trail to make a whole afternoon of it.
Explore the Soo River Forest Service Road. So many neat little spots to stop for a picnic.
Soo River FSR
Soo River FSR
Soo River FSR
Paddle across Green Lake to a secret dock
Green Lake
Green Lake

Honestly, that was just a few – we can’t give away all of our spots, but those of some of my favourite in summer.

Like I said, how lucky are we? Whistler is a playground – for so many different types of people! Saying goodbye to summer is hard – but then again, I think I’m ready for some snow!

Bring it on, winter.



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