A helicopter-in Secret Lake picnic in British Columbia’s Costal Mountains

Being in a helicopter is downright awesome.

Having an exclusive playtime and picnic at a helicopter in only alpine lake the colour of blue that just simply hasn’t been defined yet? …well I’m not even sure I can scramble words together well enough to describe that.


I was lucky enough to have the experience of a lifetime through a work exclusive promotional opportunity, and boy was it ever a moment of #joblove.

Our Digital Marketing team at Tourism Whistler set out one sunny afternoon in September and flew into the sky above, up and over untouched mountainous back country.


Sailing over pristine lakes and perfectly placed waterfalls and mountain passes, I was at a loss for words.

How incredible, amazing and jaw dropping is nature?!!

Helicopters give us this insane opportunity to participate in the back country exploration of nature by taking you to places that you couldn’t possibly make it to with your own two legs.


As we descended into this majestic painted blue lake my heart was fluttering. Sometimes I just can’t even believe that places like this exist.


The exclusive experience that Blackcomb Helicopters offers is unreal for a date, proposal, small wedding ceremony, or celebration – they fly you up on a scenic back country tour to this lake (which will remain unnamed)…. AND they set up a luxurious picnic through the chef at Table 19 in Whistler.


Every little detail was thought of.


They will even bring stand up paddle boards for you to use to paddle across the crystal clear blue lake on. I swear, that water was the clearest, cleanest water I have ever laid eyes on.


We sipped champagne, wine and coffee, played in the water (even took an icy dip!) and ate the finest picnic food my taste buds have tried in my 28 years.


Team bonding at it’s finest… we were all smiles, all day.


Our pilot, Steve, was a legend. With so much experience and hearing about his boyhood dreams of becoming a helicopter pilot, he was the most amazing leader to our heli-picnic squad.


Saying goodbye to such a perfect place is the most difficult. It’s one of those magnificent places that you dream about building a cabin at and find yourself drifting off, thinking about how you could possibly afford a helicopter one day to fly there.


But the goodness isn’t over when you take off. You still have a stunning magic hour trip across the snowy ice capped ridges of the Whistler & Pemberton back country.


When I returned home, stoked on life and the entire experience, I couldn’t stop smiling – after all, how often do you get to paddle board around a private alpine lake with your boss (wine in tow)?

Answer: not that often.

Forever I’ll be dreaming of that shade of blue…






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