A highway 99 road trip from Whistler to Marble Canyon in beautiful British Columbia

I was so excited to meet Rob’s best friend from childhood, and his rad girlfriend Amelia. I knew I would like them, but seriously, they were the coolest people ever… and hanging out with them made ME feel like I had been their friend for forever too.

And that’s a wicked feeling.

I love when people come to Whistler & British Columbia, because I love showing people around.

Sure, I originally come from Southern Ontario, but I’ve been out West for 9 years now collectively, so I’d say it’s more my home – and I’m proud to call it that.

Within the Whistler area and a few hours in any direction, there’s SO much to explore. How could we possibly fit it all into two weekends with these beauties?

But – we did try!

Exploring Pemberton & the meadows of North Arm Farm, while we spent the afternoon in the sun picking berries and sipping coffees…

And exploring the stunning waters of Pavilion lake and Marble Canyon always make me fall even more in love with this place I call home.

Another epic spot to take family and friends off the sea-to-sky highway north is Birkenhead Lake. With full service campsites and a big huge lake to float, paddle, explore and fish, you could spend some serious time there hanging out.

It’s so incredibly inspiring when I hear about life-long friendships. I have a few, but none that are strong like Rob’s are. These guys grew up together for the past 25 years – they know so much about each other, they’re not just friends – but they’re like brothers.

I was grateful to get to spend time with Will & Amelia, learning about their lives in Australia and realizing why Rob has been friends with them for so many years.

Exploring is my favourite, and when it involves showing people around and seeing their stoke on our beautiful home, well, I love that even MORE!

After two weeks of missions with these Aussie legends, it sure was hard to say goodbye. No worries though, I have a good feeling that there will be some more epic explorations ahead for all of us.





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