luxury living at Nicaragua’s Villas Playa Maderas

For our final two nights in Nicaragua, we wanted to do something special. And lucky for us – some special people were arriving that day that we could share it with.


It’s pretty spectacular when people have life-long friendships. There’s so many obstacles that separate us from staying connected to people we’ve cared about over the years, but with these Tasmanian treasures, they just don’t let too much get in the way of their boyhood pal-ships.


Aaron & Laura had planned their trip to Central America ages ago, so when we decided we were going too, we aligned that a few days of both our trips would be spent together as we were leaving and they were coming in. Nic is one of Rob’s oldest friends and fellow surfer, and at the last epic minute, he joined the vacation squad.


We researched a few places online, but the Villas at Playa Maderas kept calling our names. With five of us, they were reasonably affordable ($45USD pp/per night) and seemed like an epic way to finish our trip and start theirs.


And the infinity pool helped too…


The villas were stunning inside and out – each couple & Nic had their own bedroom/bathroom, with A/C & hot water, and there were multiple spots to hang out. We joked that we should have a beer in every common/hang area – but we concluded we’d be pretty drunk before we got around the whole property.


Infinity pool, private beach access, beautiful Villa a short walk to Maderas Beach proper – what more could you want in a beach front vacation?


We spent hours in and around that pool – even on the morning we left, I couldn’t tear myself away. It was one of those places that you want embedded into your mind forever. The feeling of leaning over the infinite edge with a cup of coffee in your hand and the sun beating down on your shoulders while you hear the waves crash below. I took in as much of that as I possibly could to save as a happy place for my mind when I’m somewhere that I need a little pick-me-up later on in life.


Laura and I also set out to explore nearby, and we ended up finding the sweetest little Nicaraguan lady who had a food & beer shack at the far north end of Playa Maderas. Underpopulated and not visible from the Maderas surf beach, it made for a quiet and spectacular place to sip some Tona before making our way onto a small hike to a private spot (which we proceeded to be kicked out of).


^Seen right before we were escorted off of the private property. Never without adventure!


Laura also made a particular perfect purchase that I wanted to take note of – a sloth towel that she bought in Costa Rica. A definitely worthy item to buy if I do say so myself.


Breakfast on our last morning came way too quickly as we waited for the shuttle to take us back to San Juan Del Sur. I’m not even sure what was funny when I took this photo, but it’s candid, lively moments like this that I live for.

Thank you Maderas, for being beautiful, welcoming, and the greatest start and finish to a trip any little old traveler could ask for.






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