Hiking British Columbia’s Joffre Lakes in the snow

New years eve – a day when everyone reminisces on what the year before brought (and sometimes what it didn’t bring…) and everyone resolves to make changes in the year ahead.

…But why?

Why not live a life that you love all the time? A life that you don’t have to resolve to change every time the calendar turns.

I used to participate in the resolution shenanigans, making lists and a mere few weeks later living in the shame of not following through. Instead, now I choose a much simpler, less anxious formula: to follow my heart whenever it speaks.

And it starts by being tuned into yourself. Getting in touch with your soul; what you like, what you don’t, what feels good, what doesn’t, what makes you truly happy… and what doesn’t – that is the ultimate first step to real, authentic change.

At least that’s my way of thinking.

Why wait to make changes? I get that it’s important to reflect – I love reflection, but what’s an even greater feeling is knowing that you’re tuned into your body, mind and spirit all the time, so that when the year rolls around it’s not a shock to your system – all the abrupt changes to your life that you suddenly need to make. Rather, you can truly take the time to reflect and appreciate all you’ve done in the year past, rather then building up a list of things you have to do to make yourself better.

You are already better. You just have to tune in.


So, on the first day of 2017, I did what I do best. I got into the trees.


A huge part of 2016 was living in a new realm of truly doing things I love, and it felt so good. Every painful and wonderful step I have taken since re-discovering myself and walking away from a pressure-cooker of a life has led me to finding more and more beauty every where I look.

I have so many imperfections. They are raw and they are real. Just ask this guy below.

The truly incredible thing about knowing yourself deeply is that even in your darkest corners, you can be authentically you, and you give the people around you permission to do the same.

We are all human. We have to allow each other the freedom to create and find themselves, over and over. Again and again. Every day of the year.

Welcome, 2017.

May I be the same completely flawed, committed to joy, uniquely creative human I have always been.








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