what it’s like to live a mountain life in Whistler, British Columbia

*Sigh* I live in a wonderful place.

Nita Lake Lodge

Everywhere your eyes land there are beautiful mountain cabins and festive twinkle lights. The moment you drive into this town you feel a weight off your shoulders and a breath of that fresh alpine air.

Garibaldi Lift Co. freshly completed patio – dec 2016

I have so many favourite spots, already – after only a year. One of the best things about living in a ski resort town is the laid back community and the unified understanding to the meaning of “kick back and relax.”

Rainbow Park Alpen Glow, Alta Lake

The freedom to both be able to let loose and be in complete solitude within steps of each other is something fairly unique to our little mountain town – and something we’re known and praised for.

Christine’s fine dining on Blackcomb Mountain

You can either opt for the cheapest Caesar special in town, or hit up something a little more fancy, depending on your taste for luxury that day. It’s all within your fingertips.

We operate on a strong “treat yourself” mentality.

Local bonfire

The best part about being a local is that you can choose when you venture into the heart of it all, and when you want to lay low. Some of my favourite moments have been had in Whistler fireside with friends drinking cheap beer.

Bar Oso

There’s also so many unique specialty hot spots, like Bar Oso, which makes Gin & Tonic flights – with both international & british columbian options for tasting.

The bridge between Whistler Village & Upper Village

Or, for a more affordable option walk around the outskirts of the village and admire all of the photo op spots along the way. The Resort Municipality of Whistler is always creating beautiful light displays and works of art, not to mention the nature wonders like Lost Lake Park and the Fitszimmons River…

Whatever your vice may be; trendy drinks, fine food, cheap treats or the beauty in relaxation and nature, it’s all steps away from each other in our epic little mountain town.

Signing off even more grateful than I started…


Sunset, Alta Lake




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