Whistler Olympic Park: A wonderland of winter activities

Thirty minutes south of Whistler Village lies an amazing little white winter wonderland in the heart of the Callaghan Valley. That place, is called Whistler Olympic Park.


Whistler as most know, was host mountain resort to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, and Whistler Olympic Park was host to the nordic events of the games. Its pristine wilderness environment, accompanied by a warm, friendly vibe, make it a must-stop spot on your whistler winter itinerary.


Strap on snowshoes (or XC skis for the brave) and explore the vast trail system, taking you to magical, wintery frozen waterfalls, and through trees covered in powdery fresh, fluffy snow.

You can also have your go at Olympic sports like biathlon – or take a ski jumping lesson and fly like Eddie the Eagle (or attempt to…)

Another unique experience is Bromley Baseboarding (not pictured). It’s a sort of forward facing, downhill sliding for grown ups, created by luge athletes for the tobogganing enthusiast. At Whistler Olympic Park, you can take the chairlift up, get a short demonstration from the Bromley Baseboard professionals themselves, and then it’s downward bound for you and your friends. Steering with your toes, it’s surprising how fast you pick up speed and find yourself screaming with shrieks of enthusiasm.


All of the excitement aside, everywhere you turn in Whistler Olympic, you’re accompanied by nature. Peaceful, beautiful, jaw-dropping #neature.


Even though I wasn’t physically present for the Olympic festivities in Whistler, years later living here, I still feel part of the grandeur of it all.

How magnificent it is to live in a place where athletes and spectators from around the world gathered to share their passion for the outdoors and sport competition. Being part of a community that hosted such an inspiring event is an honour, and I respect these beautiful places that were created specifically for the Winter Games.

So, make a note of it. Check it out. Winter or Summer – trails on trails on trails, and a truly legendary location.





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