camping by boat in Squamish’s Howe Sound


It was last minute and it was awesome, the decision to take a Harry’s little boat into Howe Sound for a night of camping and celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday.

Giddy from joy (and the water splashing onto our faces from the choppy water) my friend Capri and I were happy to see each other for another epic adventure.


We settled into a secret spot (sorry, secrets will be secrets!) and set up our beautiful Canada Day camp spot. As Rob likes to say, half the fun of camping is setting up the spot – and we managed to create quite to atmosphere. Vino and sunsets led us into the dark and I couldn’t have thought of a better way to snooze off into another year of Canada’s greatness.


Waking up to glorious sunshine on our own private island (literally, Mitch woke up like this) was quite possibly the best way to start a Sunday morning.


What closely followed were cups of coffee, bowls of oatmeal and fruit and vegan sage sausages and lots of sunshine smiles.

Capri and I freshened up with a quick jump into the green waters of Howe Sound with our friend’s dog, and we let the warm light dry us off as we indulged in more coffee.


Sounds pretty spectacular, right? That’s because it absolutely was.

Gosh, I love you Canada!


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