A hidden gem: Southern California’s Jalama Beach

We look a risk, and we had no idea where the road would lead us – but it didn’t disappoint. Adventure has a funny way about it… when you choose to have an attitude that allows for awesomeness no matter what the outcome, you’re bound to find something great.


We saw Jalama Beach on a map, but it didn’t look like there was any “official” camping there, which is what attracted us at first. But as we turned off the main highway onto the winding country road that leads to Jalama, we soon discovered that there was actually a popular State Park, with an established campground.


As we were driving we noticed both the combination of beautiful weather and the amount of cars headed to the same place and we realized the large possibility of arriving to a full campsite, but much to our surprise when we danced off the bus in our bare feet we managed to snag the very last spot for the night.


Watching the clearest sunset over the sea fog rolling in on the rooftop of the epic bus we were traveling on, we savoured the moment. Not every night is like that, so it’s important to truly take it all in when we’re given them!


As the night faded away we moved between playing cards, watching the sunset and enjoying campfires, all while sipping some carefully crafted sangria. #yum

Jalama Beach, you were a wonderful surprise!



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