A day trip from Las Vegas to the Valley of Fire

“Red Rock Canyon,” they all said. “It’s close to Vegas,” they added.

And so we did, we Red Rock Canyoned.


I had been there once before, so I knew it was spectacular, but yet the short 30 minute drive in the car and a hike/picnic had only filled up half the day of our two day car rental extravaganza, so we were quickly onto the next thing.


After some online research, we discovered that there was this extraordinary place only 1 hour and 30 minutes North East of Las Vegas off the interstate.

That place – was the Valley of Fire.


We picked up some picnic essentials from Trader Joe’s (best. place. ever.) and we were on our way. After a quick jaunt on the Interstate and a short cruise on a single lane deserted road, we landed at the Valley of Fire State Park. We paid the worthy $10 entry fee and took the scenic drive through the expansive, fascinating park, picnicking on top of red, flat rock formations and continuing on as the drive took us through colourful canyons of intriguing rock.


We live in a place surrounded by beautiful lush mountains in Whistler, which are stunning and magnificent in their own way, but traveling to an unknown place, reading about the history of the people who lived there thousands of years before and experiencing the raw, rugged beauty is unparalleled.


Different is awesome.

And this place, it was different.


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