oh, hello


I’m Emily. I’m a Canadian import to Tasmania, Australia, where I live with my partner, son and doggo. I’ve spent much of my adult years working professionally in the digital marketing sphere and in my spare time, I’ve adventured around the world and spent many hours and days hiking, biking, skiing, camping, fishing and much more.

My career has been spent building brand advocacy through social media content creation, paid advertising, blog and website writing, campaign strategising and working with stakeholders and influencers. I’ve had lengthy full time digital positions with both lululemon and Tourism Whistler, before launching my own small business (helping small businesses) when I moved to Tasmania.

Now, I’m again at a pivotal time in my life. I’ve just had a baby and I’m not sure where my next steps may lead. This website used to be a layout of services for potential clients, but is now on hold and will act as a living archive for my adventure blog: photos and stories of travels and journeys.

Stay tuned, if you please. The future is unknown, and that is exciting!


Emily Kirsten