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Welcome to emventurer social! I am an independent content creator, digital marketing freelancer, and adventure blogger. When I’m not building campaigns, strategies and advertisements for clients, I’m out and about exploring in nature. I’m not an agency or a production company, I’m just a girl who likes to create. My passion is brand storytelling and finding the unique angles that highlight what makes businesses special.

Whether you’ve just stumbled upon me, or you’re here because you have a project, or maybe just looking for inspiration… I’m glad you’ve found me. Poke around if you like, and never hesitate to reach out for anything at all.



What can I help with?

Writing, Branding + Design

I take your ideas and I create and execute brand toolkits, websites, blogs and other written pieces. I also can create text overlay on images for advertisement graphics.

Content Creation (Photo + Video)

I capture brand stories through photo and short video visuals. Adding a human element to brands, my videos highlight authenticity, void of unnecessary bells & whistles. I create Hero, Hub & Hygiene content.

Digital Marketing (Paid + Organic)

I get brand messages seen and heard through distribution strategies of both paid and organic on online platforms. If applicable, I help identify key partnership opportunities with influential distributers and media relations.

Want to reach out?

I look forward to connecting with you.

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six days relaxing on Java, Indonesia

Java, unlike its neighbour Bali, doesn’t drum to the beat of tourism. Sure, some areas are more set up for it than others, but more often than not, you’re getting a significantly more “authentic” Indonesian cultural experience. 90% of Java is Muslim, and...

four days on Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia

A slice of Indonesian paradise awaits you just a short 45 minute boat ride away from main Bali. There you'll find two little tropical islands connected by a yellow scooter-only bridge. These beautiful and low-key islands are called Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan....

A day trip along the great ocean road

I thought I had an idea of what the Great Ocean Road would be like. You know, Pinterest does a good job of telling you what to do and see, and when you travel throughout Australia you hear so many different things about the magnificent drive. "Don't miss the...

seven day road trip around tasmania, australia

When we first arrived in Tasmania in September, knowing that in the near future we would need to "settle down" (just a little bit), we decided to hit the road for seven nights of Tasmanian exploration before any adulting was to happen. Exploring Tassie by campervan...

hidden gem – jalama beach, california

We look a risk, and we had no idea where the road would lead us - but it didn't disappoint. Adventure has a funny way about it... when you choose to have an attitude that allows for awesomeness no matter what the outcome, you're bound to find something great. We saw...

sea-to-sky flightseeing in british columbia

Getting elevated above the mountains is quite possibly one of the best experiences to be had in the sea-to-sky region. The vast and rugged landscape is a beautiful thing witnessed on land, but from the air - it's a whole other ball game. We had the incredible...

day trip to the valley of fire from las vegas, nevada

"Red Rock Canyon," they all said. "It's close to Vegas," they added. And so we did, we Red Rock Canyoned. I had been there once before, so I knew it was spectacular, but yet the short 30 minute drive in the car and a hike/picnic had only filled up half the day of our...

camping by boat in howe sound, british columbia

It was last minute and it was awesome, the decision to take a Harry's little boat into Howe Sound for a night of camping and celebrating Canada's 150th Birthday. Giddy from joy (and the water splashing onto our faces from the choppy water) my friend Capri and I were...

24 hours in laguna beach, california

It's a hard task to stop and take in every little beach town on a road trip down the Californian coast, and I often try to jam everything into one trip which can make it hard to experience all of the unique little quirks places have to offer. That being said, when...

10 things you must try in toxin, british columbia

Tofino is a majestic little surf town on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, and arguably the only "real" surf town in Canada. It's combination of bustling activity and rejuvenating ocean stillness makes it a special and unique destination for so many travelers every...