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Welcome to emventurer social! I’m an independent social media content creator with a background in Tourism and destination marketing. I work with clients to help capture and produce good quality, engaging content for social media channels. Having elevated social media content is fundamental to business success, particularly for product-centred tourism businesses. Visitors are using social media channels to decide whether or not they will come and experience what you have to offer. Scrolling through Instagram and Facebook is a key part of a consumer’s day, so it’s important to be present there to greet them with the wonderful things that make your business unique. Through your social media content, you’re inviting the consumer to visualise themselves at your experience. Having a beautiful social media feed, full of strategic content is key to success in this space. And what does success look like? Two things: a continual flow of new visitors to your business and a loyal fanbase of brand advocates. In order to gain these fresh, new people and continue to inspire your brand advocates, you need to provide them with visuals they can celebrate.✨

Where do I come in? My goal is to help businesses look good (and feel good) on social media platforms. I want you to have the ease of good quality social content at your fingertips. I offer one-time content creation packages to deliver bulk content for clients in various mediums, including: photos, videos and editorial pieces, as well as ongoing content creation services if requested. In addition to content creation, I also provide 1:1 lessons for best practices on social media and instructions for how to create simple social media advertisements. I recognise that no two businesses are the same, so working to find a perfect package for you is always top of mind.👌🏼 

In my free time, I love exploring nature (visit my stories page to see more!) When I’m not behind a computer or camera, you can find me camping, hiking, biking, diving or enjoying a fine wine on a sunny patio somewhere.😊 I’m not a fancy agency or production company, just a grassroots girl who likes to create meaningful, strategic and useful content to build value for businesses on social media.

Whether you’ve just stumbled upon me or you’re here intentionally… I’m glad you found me. Poke around to see some examples of work, as well as images of my day-to-day and never hesitate to reach out for anything at all.




What can I help with?

writing copy

I bring words to life through creative writing! Whether I’m writing an adventure tale or crafting words to compliment social media photos and videos, I work with words to make your business shine.

content creation (photo + video)

I work with clients to capture and produce good quality, engaging content for social media. I offer one-time content creation packages to deliver bulk content for channels, or ongoing services if required.

advocacy + learning

I teach people how to make the most of their social media channels. With a short session on best practices for social media and simple paid advertising, you can feel empowered and confident on your channels.

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