mystery lake, north shore vancouver


We hollered at the top of our lungs, half in thrill and half out of fear.

ns - mystery lake 3

 You know the feeling – excited that you’re experiencing some beautiful part of nature that’s not an every day finding, but also being painfully aware that this bear could, if he wanted to, mangle you.

It was a rainy day, and we were determined to make it up to Mystery Lake, at the top of Mount Seymour. Ain’t no little bit of rain gonna stop us. After all, there was beer to be consumed and a little mountain-top lake dip to be had once we reached the summit. After a few misleading signs / us probably not reading them properly, we arrived at the pristine lake that sits silently unnoticed on the top of Seymour.

ns - mystery lake 2

We stripped down, cracked a beer, and jumped in while the colours of the already set sun faded slowly, turning the evening into dusk. We were well aware we would be hiking down (possibly past our new ginormous bear friend) in the darkness, with the stars illuminating our path. We were okay though, we had our vocal chords. We used them to sing the ridiculous songs at unreasonable levels as we hiked down in blackness, using our hollers as a message to the bear that we didn’t actually want to be friends.

ns - mystery lake

North Shore *sigh*

You truly are something special. The fact that as a Vancouverite, you’re a 20 min drive (bridge depending), or a quick rip over the lion’s gate on your bike, to a serene wilderness adventure – is spectacular.

ns - lions gate

On that side of the bridge you’re a quick drive and walk down some train tracks to hidden cliffs that somehow we convince ourselves are fun to jump off of.

 ns - lions bay

Once that salt water hits your face you remember – this is hella cool. I’m jumping into the ocean. Off a cliff. Fighting the barnacles on the climb back up to do it all over again is hardly a price to pay for the thrill of your pounding heart and shaking legs.

ns - lions bay2

Whether you’re looking for an evening hike in Lynn Canyon (…maybe you want to practice your inukshuk building?)

ns - lynn canyon

Or you’re heading to Mount Seymour for a rip around some bike trails –

ns - mount seymour

– there’s always a view waiting to be soaked up, a refreshing salty dip to be had, or an expedition through trails and trees.

ns - cypress bowl

We have so much right here in our very own backyard, in the North Shore.




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