what it’s like to live in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia

My whole life I’ve been uncertain of things. I’m self aware enough to know that I often look and wonder where the grass could be greener, and I’m always on the lookout for whatever is next and exciting, not giving space to the pleasure that the current moment can bring. For once in my life I feel certain, and it’s overflowing.

Something magical has been happening lately. A light switch flipped on one day while I was watching a sunset, and from that point on I looked at each moment differently.


We were driving up the incredible Sea To Sky highway on December 31st for New Years Eve shenanigans in Whistler, and the sunset was too perfect that we had to stop. So my friend Rachel and I parked in a random pullout and popped out of the car, racing across the busy highway across the barrier to sit on the ledge of rocks that dropped down to the ocean. We caught the sunset just as it was crossing over the horizon. In that moment I made a commitment to myself – to be present, to be appreciative, to live in and the love the wild greater than I ever have before.


You get it. I’ve preached North Van over and over, but I’d like to talk Vancouver as a whole. Hop on a bus that crosses the channel from Lower Lonsdale to Gastown for an afternoon of coffee shops and sunny strolls along the seawall. Take a walk though the crisp forest of Pacific Spirit Park that spreads for miles from Southwest Kits all the way over to UBC. Pick up fresh flowers from Granville Island Market and make your routine grocery stop at one of the many stands with local fresh fruit and veggies. Spend an evening having dinner at one of the many hot spots on the shoreline from English Bay to Coal Harbour, or spend your night out at a bumping show on Main Street.


Gosh, I love this city.


I opt for more wilderness adventures than not- I find a good piece of my soul among the tress, however I’m never not in love with the gourmet coffee shops that encompass the streets of historic Gastown.


I spent this past weekend hyperlocal, exploring Pacific Spirit Park, and strolling through alleyways sipping coffee, topping it off with an amazing hike in the shore mountains on Sunday.Unknown-4

Seriously, people. You are going to have to peel me away from this place if you ever want me to leave. Mountains. Ocean. Rivers. Lakes. Coffee. Music. Hyper awareness for recycling, gluten-free, free-range and organic goods. I have hundo p turned Vancouverite, and I don’t mind one little bit.

I remember people in my life saying when I first moved here that this passion would fade quickly, that just like I always had, I’d start to look elsewhere for greener grass and bigger adventures. The thing is, this is the place I’ve found adventure, and they just keep getting bigger and better – why would I need to look elsewhere?


As I grow, (and grow up) my passion and awareness of my surroundings floods me, and I am grateful. Just like I did on New Years Eve, with every mountain top I climb, every view I take in, every moment I spend discovering a little more about myself, I’m giving space to. Space to be appreciative, and space to be in awe.

I know that there are different types of grass; patches that are green, brown, and some that are just plain dirt. I know there’s a variety I’ve never seen or touched and never will, but I am completely satisfied with the one that I’m planting my roots on. For once in my life I feel certain, and this place has stolen my heart.

I live in the greatest city in the world – Vancouver, BC folks.





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  1. mshendrie says:

    If I didn’t miss Vancouver before, I do now! Mountains, lakes, oceans, and coffee, who wouldn’t love that combo? Last year I took a roadtrip and camped from Vancouver to Alaska and back. It was one of the best adventures of my life. Hoping to get out again that way soon. Take advantage of every opportunity you can and never lose your passion!

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