kayaking with jellyfish on the Indian Arm in British Columbia

I had just returned from Australia and I was counting my pennies until my next paycheck. Adventures are incredible, but when the dust settles you’re often left eating canned soup and stir fry waiting until the next bit of funds comes through for another mission somewhere.

I’ve eaten so much stir fry.

$60, that’s it, I thought. An overnight Kayak rental up the Indian Arm with a group of friends… I couldn’t say no.

So there I was a Deep Cove Kayak rentals with my little Russian ball of energy (Stefa) and a bunch of new friends ready to take off down the Indian Arm, an ocean inlet North East of Vancouver.

Indian Arm1

The helpful associates at the rental shop reminded us how to steer our kayaks, and what to do should we flip – which turned out to be useful information, and pointed us on our way. 18 kms ahead at an epic waterfall was our campsite for the night.

Indian Arm2

The skies were a bit bi-polar that day, as they usually are in Vancouver… and while I like to do outdoor activities, I  still haven’t made my first Goretex purchase. Though the skies looked to be mostly clear, we blinked and the rain came down. Hard.

We had a bag of wine accompanying us, strapped to the middle of our kayak, so needless to say – we were up for, and okay with just about anything.

Indian Arm3

The rain ended and we teamed up with the rest of the crew for a group sail for approximately 2km towards our destination. Passing the Buntzen Power plants and sailing with friends down the inlet I was reminded again – adventure is always worth it. Suddenly I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else; blisters on hands, drenched and laughing was exactly where I was meant to be.

When we rocked up to the site, it was play time. A steep waterfall with campsites on flat land below, we explored and ate and drank the afternoon away. There’s no need to recap the exact events of the evening; which involved way too much wine and fire dances… but you get the picture.

The next morning as we cruised back over glassy still waters we saw several communities of small jellyfish, just hanging out – so peaceful. Only one kayak managed to flip and they recovered with ease (as boys do…) and we made our way back to Deep Cove.

For a few bucks, with a crew of incredible people, kayaking the Indian Arm is a Vancouver Adventure you don’t want to miss.


Indian Arm4


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