finding (and keeping) secret spots in British Columbia

As I make more friends who have been roaming these woods for quite some time, I’m learning more and more about amazing hidden spots that surround me.

Spots that I will never blog about or tag their location on Instagram.

camp spots1

Part of your responsibility once deemed a “local” in an area is protecting the spots that are a quiet slice of heaven. And the thing is – they are everywhere. You just have to find them, or sometimes when you’re lucky, someone will tell you about them. They will tell you about it because they trust you. The trust you with the sacredness of the hidden gem, that you will only tell people on a carefully selected basis.

camp spots2

For example, we came across an amazing camping spot that was totally unexpected. We followed a hunch and it led us to an incredible spot that clearly someone else had fostered and created a group camp space for local enjoyment. You would have no clue that it exists unless someone told you about it, or you stumbled upon it, like we did. I would never tell a soul where this was, except if you came to my birthday party – then you would be privy to that information. 🙂

camp spots3

I’ve met some pretty awesome people, who when they let me in on a local hot spot, I keep it tight to my chest and protect it with my heart.

Half of the fun is finding these spots for yourself, and making them your own.


camp spots4


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