the land of adventure tourism: Tasmania, Australia


It really is unlike any other place you’ve ever visited, Tasmania.

I’ve been warned to keep it a secret – There’s a balance between needing a Tourism Industry but also respecting the ample untouched beauty it hosts. Free camping, tractor traffic jams, and white sand beaches sprawling for kilometres with not a footprint laid into them.

It’s no small effort to get to, but it’s worth all three plane rides, and the 36 hours of travel from our door in Whistler to Rob’s parents in Forth, Tasmania.


How did I get here? I thought as my feet hit the pavement running out to the highway. I effortlessly fell in love with a boy from Tasmania and he took me here, that’s how.


It’s a wild thought, how everything in life seamlessly adds up in a positive way, when you just let it.  It’s like my whole life I had been wanting to experience a place like this, and after a wild ride of choice and change, I found myself the very place I always wanted to be – travelling to beautiful, epic and remote places.

As a bonus, it was with someone I loved! (How lucky am I?!)


Here are my Tasmanian highlights:

The Nut. A short hike or chairlift ride up, out of Stanley, Tasmania.

20160229_124219-01 (1)


The Wild West Coast. Subject to the elements from the roaring 40s, the next stop is South America, across the great big blue.



The Berry Farm. Pick your own berries! Located at Turners Beach on the North Coast.


The Great Lake. Fishing in the lakes of the Tasmanian Alpine, interior of the state is such a unique experience. (PS. Google Pencil Pine Trees if you’re an alpine wilderness enthusiast – what cool trees!)


Hobart, the Capitol. Some must visits: Mount Wellington and Salamanca District (for epic patios…)



Bruny Island. A short trek from Hobart, and so very worth every single minute.


East Coast Winery “Devil’s Elbow.” The drive from Hobart to Bicheno boasts delicious wineries & epic coast lines. (Plus – fire roasted PIZZA!)


Bay of Fires & Ansons Bay. The remote, far Northeast corner of Tassie is peaceful and magnificent.


Lake Barrington. Forth falls jumping, wake boarding and general lake lounging!


I can’t describe every reason why I love Tasmania, even if I really wanted to. (…there’s just too many!)





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