exploring the Bay of Fires in Tasmania: red rocks, white sand and the greenest ocean


I had been to the Bay of Fires briefly last year. Just for a taste – a tiny treat. This year, I got to hang around and spend some time getting to know these big, red rocks.


We stayed in the most unique place – a family cabin on a salt water bay. It’s shallow waters were inhabited by stingrays, baby sharks and all kinds of sea creatures. It looked like a lake in colour, but when you followed the channel out at the right time of day, you could boat into the beautiful blue ocean. At any time of day you could walk from the bay to ocean by hiking up and over sand dunes into shell and white sand paradise.


The most magnificent thing? The only footprints were ours.


The crisp, clear water swelled in, forming waves barrelling over themselves, while the schools of fish and underwater sea life rolled around on an ocean roller coaster.


…We also wanted to play around on an ocean roller coaster, so we spent the afternoon surfing around the tidy turquoise waves.

20160309_170252-01 (1)

Nature is so humbling. Big and powerful, it keeps moving, growing, thundering through everything that’s thrown at it, while reminding you of fragility and smallness.


These places are our playground, but they demand a great respect.


A well-deserved, jaw-dropping kind of respect.


Making our way up and over the red rocks, leaping from one to another, stopping occasionally to inhale the serenity, I couldn’t help but overflow with gratitude.

For earth, for places like this, for the people I love, and the ability to experience and enjoy them in all their fullness.



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