Searching for surf in Canada at Sombrio Beach in British Columbia

If we haven’t done something somewhat adventurous in a few weeks, we get an itch. If we don’t scratch it, it just sits there and bugs us until we finally cave and satisfy the urge.

I feel so lucky to have this guy in my life – he gets it. I sway him a lot to come adventure with me, but sometimes he pushes me too. Like last weekend – when we decided last minute to venture over to our little rainy Vancouver island paradise.

I find with any adventure, you need to go into it not knowing what to expect. Letting yourself be surprised by what comes next, deciding in the moment what’s important – heart leading feet.


Our ultimate goal when going to Vancouver Island during a rainy storm is to catch some surf. Generally speaking, the swell in Sombrio picks up when it’s stormy, but lots of other things contribute to there actually being good waves – especially wind.

I’m learning a lot from this Tassie boy when it comes to the ocean. I’m okay on a boogie board and very, very beginner at surfing – but watching him watch waves and explain how sets roll in, and what to look for makes the possibility of getting better at water sports something I hang onto.


The Vancouver Island coast is rugged & wild. Aside from Tofino, it’s not the kind of pull up and park, sandy beach that some might associate surfing with. Surfing in Canada is a mission, not for the faint of heart. You have to be prepared, and willing to explore.


But then again, why would you want something that’s easy? Easy is rarely good.


Sometimes when you’ve explored down a long slippery trail, you get cliffed out at the end, unable to get in the water, (which is what happened above!) but you still have the journey, the conversation and the memory.

It’s all in the adventure, anyways!


Falling asleep in the back of our SUV, cozy with the one I love – the fire light carrying us through laughs, card games and warm, flavourful beverages, I have to ask myself the question – would I rather be anywhere else in this rainy west coast weekend?

It’s a hard no, every time.


Then, sometimes, the rain subsides, the sun comes out… but the waves disappear too. 🙂

Searching for surf in Canada is very rarely about getting epic waves every time. It’s definitely, 100% aboot all the little wonders and explorations along the way.





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