A day trip from Las Vegas to the hottest place on earth: Death Valley, California


It wasn’t even a thought in my mind, Death Valley, when we planned our little getaway to Las Vegas. I had planned to take Rob to the Grand Canyon because, well – it’s the Grand Canyon.

We were staying in Las Vegas though, and to get the the South Rim of the Grand Canyon was easily a 4 hour drive – one way. Yikes! Deciding that spending eight hours in a car for a day trip might be a little much on the tush, we proceeded to check out other options.

Death Valley popped up as a day trip from Las Vegas (2.5 hours each way) and it triggered my memory from seeing it posted on some influential Instagram accounts I followed. Death Valley National Park is expansive, and it was impossible for us to see the whole thing, so again after some internet reach (thanks, Google.. and all of you other awesome bloggers out there – it really does help!) we set our sights on viewing Zabriskie Point, which another online reviewer had coined worthy of “Grand Canyon awesome status.”


It was, it really was.

We casually meandered along the scenic drive, stopping to admire the incredibly unique rolling rock formations that resembled a spine of an ancient dinosaur, and we stood in awe. Nature is so neat.

We continued on the through the park, which is below Sea Level, and holds the record for hottest temperature ever recorded (57 degrees Celsius in 1913). As we drove, water appeared as a mirage as we squinted our eyes across the sun-soaked salt planes. At one point Rob was convinced if he had his fishing rod, we’d be able to catch a trout. (He can’t catch a fish even in a real pond, let alone a pool of salt….) 😉


With SO many spots to stop and admire, you could spend much more than a day cruising through the Valley.


We had a big hotel bed to get back to in Las Vegas though, but we still took a long and mysterious drive home, watching the sun set in the rear view mirror behind rock formations and swerving desert roads.

It was so cool. (But actually, it was pretty hot – even in February nearly 30 degrees)

If you’re hanging out in Death Valley, bring water, and sunscreen, and a hat, and… air conditioning. 🙂



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