Social Media Management

Every brand deserves an authentic voice and vibrant presence social media, and I’m here to help you find yours! With two social media marketing packages available (and I’m always open to adjusting as needed), I want you to feel good about how your brand looks online.

My goal is to provide you with a straightforward understanding of social media, and empower you to feel good about your business’s social media presence.

In agreeing to a social media package, each client receives a content strategy that they can lean on for what to expect from me. In addition to content creation, I will also regularly monitor your channels and provide insights into their health.

For social media packages, I run on a three month trail basis, which we verbally commit to working together for that period. When the three months is complete and if we’re both content with where we’re at, we can continue to work together. I believe in open communication and honest feedback, and if there’s ever a question or concern let’s bring it up with an open dialogue.


Owned Asset Package | You’ve got assets, whether it’s product photography, videos, or people tagging you in user-generated content that we can re-share with permission, you need someone to creatively arrange the messages of your brand and write inspiring copy to highlight your products.

Cost: $175 weekly per channel, 5-6 posts. (Facebook & Instagram combo of $300)

DIY Package | You know that you need to be in the social space, but you also need help with imagery and visual content. Don’t worry, my skillset extends beyond writing, and I love creating visuals for social media too. We’ll work together on how we can create those visuals, and if you’re local, I will come and capture content for social, and if not, you can send me products to capture, which can be returned to you. Either way, we’ll make sure we produce top-notch imagery that you’re stoked about. In addition to the content creation, you’ll also get my savvy copy-writing skills to compliment the photo/video content.

Cost: $275 weekly per channel, 3-4 posts. (Facebook & Instagram combo of $500)

Interested in a social media package? Let’s talk some more.