Social Media Training

Learn the goods.

In an age where digital marketing is driving the World Wide Web, it’s time to give Social Media the front seat.

With billions of pieces of social media content being created & shared daily, there’s a huge need for businesses to be knowledgeable in how to utilize social platforms for their benefit.

I have specific training topics to help tackle key social media marketing subjects. Learn one, or as many as you like – I’ll cater to your business needs. It’s fast, informative and you benefit from a 1:1 coaching session. (No matter where you are in the world!)


The outcome: You walk away with skills to create content that leaves you excited & empowered about your social media presence.


Training Topics:
  • The art of social media storytelling
  • Developing your own brand guidelines
  • Defining demographic & audience
  • Choosing social networks
  • Paid social media 101
  • Growing a loyal & engaged following
  • Building campaigns & content strategies
  • Online customer service through social media
  • Building social media relationships
  • Running a social media contest
  • Influencer marketing; navigating the wild west
  • Writing copy, choosing imagery & presentation
  • Creating captivating local stories
  • Live storytelling – how to succeed
  • Utilizing user generated content
  • Social media crisis communication
  • Staying connected (…and balancing your life)

Interested in getting trained up? Reach out to learn more.